Welcome to Trinity County Brewing Company
Trinity County Brewing Company is a brewery and pub located in Weaverville, CA. We create high quality, full flavored craft beer and locally sourced, enjoyable food. Through great beer and food, we promote community and place that encapsulates the timeless pioneering spirit of Trinity County. We are scheduled to begin operations by Summer 2019.  
Sold - The Next Journey Starts!

Sold - The Next Journey Starts!

Saturday, September 15, 2018




  1. The Journey: Part 1
    13 Oct, 2018
    The Journey: Part 1
    It has been a whirlwind since closing on the building. We have taken our concept drawings and interviewed an architect to bring the vision to life. We also setup a meeting with the County planning department to work out the level of permitting that will be needed. Permit wise, we need to clear the hurdles of the County planning and building, Title 23 liquor license with the State, and lastly and most important the Federal Alcohol Tobacco Tax Board. I did take a break from the stress and took an